Packaging & Sustainability

At Hoxton Lights we care deeply about the environment and the sustainability of our packaging. Our products are mostly very fragile and can easily break in transit if not packed properly. Breakage is not good for the environment as it means more waste generated, together with further energy and resources consumed in the provision of replacement items. It's a bit of a balancing act between the sustainability of packaging and providing adequate protection for the fragile goods.

Whilst many of our products are shipped directly by the manufacturer and we are therefore not in direct control of the packaging, here's what we are doing to ensure we are as sustainable as possible and getting the balance right.

1. For items we ship ourselves, we assemble boxes using paper based tape to minimise the plastic used. We use simple cardboard boxes which are easy to recycle and biodegrade easily.

2. We re-use bubble wrap and void fill we receive with goods inwards. We also purchase void fill made from recycled paper which can be again recycled or biodegrades easily. We seek to minimise our contribution to plastic pollution. We encourage customers to re-use again any void fill received. 

3. We minimise the courier collections from our depot to one per day and where possible one every other day. This helps to reduce our carbon footprint and other pollution locally. We also use a carbon neutral courier service in most cases.

4. We stock a wide range of low energy LED bulbs, helping you to reduce your carbon footprint.

5. Most of our goods are sourced and manufactured locally in the UK, reducing the carbon footprint of the products. We detail the provenance of our products enabling our customers to make informed choices. 

6. For many of the products we sell, we also supply spare parts to facilitate a mend rather than replace culture, with obvious benefits for sustainability.

We're always looking for ways to do better and welcome your feedback!